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Evolio launches iSmart Ultra, a video action camera who is filming at a quality 4K in a professional way

Bucharest, 16th November 2016. Evolio launches iSmart Ultra, a revolutionary action camera, equipped with video encoding Ambarella processor and optical Panasonic sensor.

 iSmart Ultra captures images of an exceptional quality and record 4K at 30 frames per second. At the 1080p Full HD resolution the camera can record at 120 frames per second, reaching up to 240 frames per second in 720 pixels HD resolution, allowing so easily the SlowMotion filming at a professional quality.

The ISmart Ultra has a 2-inch display, A12 Ambarella processor and 1050 mAh, enough for 90 minutes of continuous shooting. For storing images there is a microSD card slot, that supports up to128GB.

The Evolio action camera can capture sharp and bright images at a superior quality, thanks to its lens who allows a 170 degrees angle and thanks to its Panasonic 34110 CMOS sensor, which allows the camera to have a focus range from 12cm to infinity. The iSmart Ultra camera can capture images up to 12MP in standard mode and may surprise up to 3 photos/ second, 15 photos/4 seconds or 30 photos/8 seconds using the self-timer mode.

"In November 2016 the video camera market almost doubled compared to the same period from last year. However, the prices of these devices had registered a decline, the reducing reaching up to approximately 35 percent. In this context, but also because we desire to expand action camera segment in our  portofolio, we relied heavily on the quality and performance of hardware, but also we had included in this new product some exceptional functionalites. This resulted in created of a revolutionary action camera, which is  equipped with a Panasonic 12MP optical sensor and with one of the newest and most powerful video encoding Ambarella processor. The movies and the photos are more brighter and have more clarity. They have an exceptional quality and they can satisfy even of the most demanding users. "- say Liviu Nistoran, Founder Evolio.
The ISmart Ultra is an action camera model, designed to be used including for underwater shooting and filming. The protective casing, with the camera comes equipped is waterproof and resist up to 50 meters deep.

The Evolio camera also has WiFi capabilities, which enable it to be remotely controlled via an Android or iOS. Other connections are possible via USB and Micro HDMI TV.

The camera has also a lot of other functions such us: self-timer, exposure adjusted, setting time, audio microphone input and audio output speaker. The camera is compatible with operating systems Android, Windows, iOS, MacOS and Linux        
The iSmart Ultra comes equipped with a complete package of accessories, that allows the user to mount the camera in different ways. So, the camera can be used underwater, on bicycle, on motorcycle or in the car. The complete kit contains the camera, the waterproof case, a power adapter, a microUSB cable, and lots of mount sistems.   
Evolio iSmart Ultra will have a suggested retail price of 178 Euro, but can be purchased under the preorder starting today at the promotional price of 124 Euro. The offer is valid until 20th of November 2016 for the online orders from the website evolioshop.com.


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