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Evolio open market affordable smart drones

Bucharest, July 2016. For the first time a Romanian brand, Evolio announces the launch of the first drone affordable.

IFly range comprises three models with smart features, easy to fly by anyone: iFly Micro, Mini and iFly iFly Pro.

Models of iFly Micro and iFly Mini have Camcorder sport built and drone Semi iFly Pro allows the user to choose one of the 3 rooms dedicated to this model, or to use their own camera sports footage and spectacular photographs, from -a new perspective.

"Every photo or movie enthusiast will appreciate the images taken by a drone. The market is still in its infancy in Romania, but I expect a significant increase from year to year. In my opinion, 2016 will sell about 10 000 units, and we intend a market share of 30%. IFly range with the launch, whoever afford to buy a drone with smart features such as altitude control or "Throw to launch" and using them to create unique content, "says CEO & Founder Liviu Nistoran.

iFly Micro
Micro-drone is equipped with a camera system on 6-axis gyro stabilization and allows rotation of 360 °, and 3-way flight speed. iFly Micro is very easy to handle thanks to intelligent features such as "Throw to launch" and small size 4.00 * 4.00 cm. The drone can fly at a distance of 30-50 m from the control station and has a flight range of 5-7 minutes. 120 mAh battery is fully charged in 30 minutes. iFly Micro is available in two color versions: orange and green.

iFly Mini
The drone has incorporated sports camcorder and allows for video and spectacular photos, including Selfies through 360 ° spins. iFly takes off with a simple mini blowing up thanks to smart tool "Throw to launch". Six-axis gyro system provides stability in flight so that everyone can easy to handle, from the first minutes. The "Headless Mode" allows the drone orientation in the desired direction, whatever her to radio control.
The drone is small, 15.50 * 18.50 * 4.00 cm, and can fly in a radius of up to 80 meters, with 3 modes of speed. 450 mAh battery allows a range of 6-8 minute flight.

iFly Pro

IFly Pro Semi drone can fly in a radius of up to 150 m with three speeds and can make acrobatic flight 360. Gyro stabilizer six axes control function of altitude or "Throw to launch" guarantees a smooth flight.
Supported drone camcorder for catching sport. At the same time, customers can purchase one of three rooms dedicated to this model: a VGA camera that allows taking pictures or videos, VGA camera WI FI and WI FI HD room. They can use with your smartphone using special Evolio iFly app downloadable from the Play Store or App Store. The drone has 54.00 * 54.00 cm and a 2000 mAh battery that allows a flying time of 9-10 minutes.

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